Aquarium Fish


Southside Pet Barn stocks a comprehensive array of fish species including African Cichlids, American Cichlids, Discus, Goldfish, Feeders, Live Bearers and Tropical Species. We stock an extensive range of aquariums by Aqua One, we also have all the equipment, chemicals, medications and foods available for your aquariums needs. Plus great advice for all your aquarium enquiries, such as how to set up an aquarium successfully or possible diagnosis and treatment of tank issues. We offer a free in-store water testing if you are unsure of your water conditions or are having issues. If you are chasing some unusual species or just something not in stock we will be happy to order it in(pending availability), orders happen on a regular weekly basis and if you are after a bulk amount a discount can be negotiated (Pending delivery/collection time).

African Cichlids – Originating from the mineral lakes in Africa these fish works well with Brisbane water quality as they prefer naturally high ph. They are a relativity large fish to aquarium keeping with brilliant colours. They make an appealing display fish.


American Cichlids – Generally a very large species requiring larger tanks, however make excellent predatorily displays.

Dwarf American Cichlids – They are relativity small compared to standard American Cichlids and much more peaceful then their larger relatives. They have been known to live happily with tropical species.

Discus – These guys are not for the beginner keeper as they require softer more acidic water conditions. Very beautiful fish and well worth the effort. They look amazing in a natural planted tank with tropical species surrounding them.

Goldfish – An easier fish to keep making them an excellent beginner species. Goldfish prefer a higher pH; which make them suited to Brisbane tap water parameters. Goldfish can live in colder water conditions making them a cheaper fish to keep as they don’t require heated water.

Live Bearers – Preferring planted aquariums, live bearers allow the beginner aquarists to experience fish breeding. They also make excellent additions to most tropical tanks.

Tropical Fish – Making up the most popular group of fish there is something to suit everyone. Including Neon Tetras and other schooling species they make brilliant displays

Catfish – With lots of different species there is one that’s sure to suit your tank. We specialise in unique bristle nose such as Marble, peppermint and lots of different long fins. We also have loads of pleco and if we don’t have the one you want are more then happy to order in.

Fighters– We have some of the prettiest fighters you will find at the cheapest prices. We stock veil, crown, half-moon and spilt tails.